What is Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy?  At its most basic level there are two types of Hypnotherapy:

Suggestion Therapy

Which works well with the simpler problems; smoking, nail-biting, exam stress, weight problems, confidence and memory boost and requires one session.

Analytical Therapy

Briefly this finds the root cause of the problem or symptom and removes it, thus giving lasting release to the client. This doctrine is called ‘Cause and Effect’. Analysis reveals the cause and consequently relieves the symptoms. One can be fairly confident the release will be obtained within six to eight sessions or even sooner.

The problem is inside of you but outside of your control. The purpose of the analysis is to find the actual cause of your sympton (effect) and eliminate it. The intention is to get your out of therapy , not to keep you in it. Remember:

A ship in harbour is safe — but that is not what ships are made for

Safe Harbour is a private Hypnotherapy Clinic nestled in the Cliffside at Boatstrand County Waterford and overlooks the beautiful coastline of the Copper Coast Geopark.

The clinics goal is to provide professional, ethical, private and personal care to clients using Suggestion and Analytical therapies. The practice is bound by a code of ethics and registered with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has been referred to as “therapy for the people”. It has been said, “all healing involves hypnosis”. This natural internal state of deep relaxation, allows us to access the incredible power of our own mind.

We offer private and group hypnotherapy sessions, helping to direct each person’s natural subconscious intelligence. People learn to break free of old negative patterns and learn how to reprogram their own mind, making for successful and lasting results. I firmly believe that we have the ability to control our bodies and health with our minds.