Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight LossHypnosis for Weight Loss – The T.H.I.N. Program

The Thin Healthy & Invigorated New you !

These weight loss hypnosis sessions are for you if:

  • You want to loose weight but not loose yourself
  • You have tried everything and I cant loose weight
  • You loose the same weight every year and I put it all back on
  • You want to loose weight and keep it off

A 4 session program that programs you to loose weight for life. Follow the simple rules aided by Hypnosis and graduate from the T.H.I.N. program

Too often we blame others, food and the world that we are overweight. The truth is that if you are overweight it is because you eat too much, have a bad diet or lifestyle in general and take little exercise.

You are not in control.

There are a lot of reasons people eat too much, including :

  • Boredom: watching the television, doing house work etc …
  • Habit: its 1pm, I always have dinner at 1 pm . Its 6pm, its time for tea!
  • Emotional reasons: I’m fat anyway, worthless, ugly and stupid.
  • To hell with it I going to eat this, see if I care !

If you eat when you are not hungry, your body does not need to fuel so it stores it. When you crash diet to try and compensate for this your body thinks there is a shortage of food and try’s even harder to store whatever fat it can. This is yo-yo dieting. You loose weight at first and then seem to gain more weight ! Ever thought about what a camels hump is for ? it stores fat.
Diets DO NOT work.

Rather than asking someone else what you should eat, ask your self , why you eat and when. Using Hypnosis we will re-program you to have a healthy relationship with food, help you enjoy it more and not just in-hale it.

Its simple, it puts you in control and it works.

Safe Harbour has an 75% success rate with its weight loss program. It’s a no holds barred approach that has your best interests in mind. If you want to loose weight the first step is the mental decision to move forward and take control.
It works. It will kick start your life and give you the mental skills to loose weight and keep it off.

Some people may have suppressed emotions and anxiety issues resulting in weight problems, these issues can be discussed in private and further therapy agreed upon if required.

If you had read this far and have not been put off by this direct approach, read on !

Ring Ann and make an appointment.

This is a 4 stage program lasting 4 weeks with 1 session per week. Payment of € 100 per session. Each session will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

A free Hypnosis CD is used for back up and re-enforcement session at home. Groups are welcome, at a discount – call for details.